Flower House FHSP300 SpringHouse Greenhouse

This Flower House FHSP300 SpringHouse Greenhouse can be moved from place to place and it is an excellent choice if you want to prolong your growing season as well ensure your plants are safe. The design of this greenhouse makes it extremely easy to set up. Thanks to it, you can grow everything you need at home and forget the need to visit market if you want fresh vegetables. You can use this greenhouse to start the growing season early and prolong it when everyone else is done. This is really everything you want in the greenhouse and its features speak for themselves.


• You can set it up in a matter of minutes and it doesn’t matter what surface you are dealing with.
• Your plants are safer and the growing season is prolonged.
• Improves the conditions for growing with constant high levels of humidity.
• The design enables you to set it up over trees or bushes.

Built to last

This greenhouse is made from a material that is there to last for a long time. Included in the design are sned vents which provide protection from various insects and birds. Shade cover and storage bag are also included in the package. Gro-tec material ensures the safety of the greenhouse from strong wind or coldness. The material is also waterproof. This Flower House FHSP300 is the perfect choice for every possible location in the world.

Greenhouses are made to make sure you can place them on any surface or put them over bushes or trees. You can easily access water and power thanks to the design of the greenhouse. The temperature of the greenhouse will remain the same as the temperature outside and it will not require additional power.


Year Round Service

Thanks to the greenhouse you can start your gardening season earlier and make it last longer than usual.
This greenhouse is perfect if you want to ensure that everything you grow remains safe and grows without any interference from the outside.


• Start your garden early with this portable Self-Watering Greenhouse
• Extend your growing season and garden year round
• Sets up in minutes with no tools required
• Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes
• Protects your plants and extends your growing season.
• Promotes and maintains high humidity levels to create a superior growing environment.
• Open floor allows greenhouse to be setup over existing trees and bushes.

Flower House FHSP300
Flower House FHSP300 SpringHouse Greenhouse$124.06
Flower House FHSP300 SpringHouse Greenhouse$26.99

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