Camco 58031 “Little Red Campfire” Portable Propane Camp Fire

This particular fire pit allows you to take it with you. This is the perfect choice for camping in areas which restrict in-ground fires. You can put it almost anywhere you want to. The size makes sure that you can have a fire whenever you need it. The look of the fire pit lets you create almost a real campfire. Sturdy lid and latches make the fire pit easy and safe to transport. 8 feet propane hose is also included. The diameter of fire tray is from 11 to 14 inches. The output power of the fire pit can be up to 65 000 BTUs.

Forget gathering wood for your fire. It’s in the past thanks to this fire pit. This is simply a perfect fit for all your campfire needs and the look of the fire pit makes it look like a genuine campfire.

Sturdy lid and latches for security makes the fire pit accessible anytime and anywhere you want it used.


The “Little Red Campfire” is the perfect choice for campgrounds with a restriction for in-ground fires. The features in the fire pit make it the safest and the best choice for your fire needs. Use it and protect the environment at the same time.


You can use the item for boiling water, cooking or making food using a frying pan.

Included in the box are the fire pit, self-storing carrying case, natural-looking logs, large burner ring, heat-resistant base and tray, 8 inches-long propane hose and an adjustable regulator.

The fire pit has a 1-year warranty for repairing the damage or replacing parts.

Camco 58031 "Little Red Campfire"
Camco 58031 Little Red Campfire$191.16
Camco 58031 Little Red Campfire$141.60
Camco 58031 "Little Red Campfire" Portable Propane Camp Fire$118.97

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